New Flags & Flag News

On October 21, 2010, Burma, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, adopted a new state flag to replace the former socialist flag in use since 1974. The new flag was introduced along with implementing changes to the country's name, which were laid out in the 2008 Constitution. The design of the flag has three horizontal stripes of yellow, green and red with a five-pointed white star in the middle. The three colours of the stripes are meant to symbolise solidarity, peace and tranquility, and courage and decisiveness.

The flag of South Sudan was adopted following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the Second Sudanese Civil War. The flag was previously used as the flag of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement. The flag bears striking similarities with both the flags of Sudan (from which Southern Sudan seceded in 2011), and Kenya. The horizontal black, white, red, and green bands of the flag share the same design as the Kenyan flag, and Pan-African.

The Flag of Libya was the original flag of the Kingdom of Libya introduced in 1951 following the creation of the Libyan state in the post World War II period. It was originally created by Omar Faiek Shennib and approved by King Idris Al Senussi, which resulted in a unified Libya in 1951. This flag was adopted by the National Transitional Council and anti-Gaddafi forces and formally reclaimed as the country's national flag.