The Asteroid Mining Flag

The Flag of Asteroid Mining


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The Flag of Asteroid Mining, designed by J. Alfary, represents a new space industry dedicated to mining metals and water procurement on asteroids, particularly those in the Asteroid Belt. 

  • Blue represents humanity and the water that will be sourced from asteroids that will in turn propel human exploration and future space missions. 
  • The  black-blue sphere represents Ceres, the largest asteroid/dwarf planet within the Asteroid Belt that can serve as the principal asteroid mining base. 
  • The black-blue hammer and pickax represent the Asteroid Mining industry and the various companies and entities associated with this sector and affiliated activities. 
  • The dividing line between the black and blue sections of the flag represents the Asteroid Belt and the separation between the terrestrial plants (Inner Solar System) from the giant gas and ice planets (Outer Solar System).